Why is eComplianceGDPR necessary?

EComplianceGDPR is a specialized support tool that helps Compliance Advisor and Data Protection Officer (DPO) for:

easy Compliance of the business / organization with the regulation

easy Keeping and Tracking Compliance

direct and effective Accountability to authorities and subjects

A necessary tool for the compliance consultant


During the Compliance stage, the Compliance Advisor is called to:

  • investigate the current situation of the business / organization and
  • take appropriate steps to fully comply with the regulation.

EComplianceGDPR is an integrated application that makes Compliance easier because:

Supports and simplifies the recording and analysis of all processing of Personal Data.

Exports the Record of Processing Activities, recording all the information required, in accordance with Article 30 of Regulation

Directly export the Data Flow Map to demonstrate compliance of the business / organization

Describes the measures the company has to take to comply, both globally and per procedure.

Exports through simple questions the RISK ASSESSMENT as a whole and for each process of Personal Data

Proposes Organizational and Technical Measures for the security of information systems and physical records according to the level of risk.

Performs automated testing for the requirement of DATA PROTECTION IMPACT ASSESSMENT (DPIA)

Has a complete library of compliance material templates (Policies, Operating Procedures, Consent Documents, Security Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, etc.)
Maintenance and Monitoring

Each business / organization is required to maintain its compliance operationally and effectively. The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) or Compliance Officer is:

  • to monitor any change of associates, staff, departments, branches of the business / organization or file storage points
  • to extract up-to-date reports and prepare reports to properly inform the management of the business / organization
  • to motivate and keep alert the staff of the business / organization regarding the protection of personal data.

EComplianceGDPR supports the DPO and the Compliance Officer by simplifying the actions required by its role:

Easily integrates all changes made to the business / organization and updates it immediately:
  • Record of Processing Activities
  • Data Flow Map
  • Risk Assessment

Exports all references to each change of business / organization.

Proposes new Organizational and Technical Measures to reduce risk if it changes from the changes that occur in the business / organization.
Describes the measures the company has to take to comply, both globally and per procedure.

Performs automated testing for the requirement to conduct Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA) in any intended processing of Personal Data.

Makes it possible to maintain an business / organization compliance record.


During the Accountability phase each business / organization must:

  • be able to respond to requests to exercise the rights of subjects (customers, employees, suppliers, etc.)
  • be able to answer the Supervisory Authority's questions in the event of a review or complaint
  • be able to take the necessary action in case of a Personal Data Breach Event.

EComplianceGDPR is the complete solution to responding to Accountability because:

Automatically extracts reports on how individuals' personal data is processed on:
  • The personal data collected
  • The collection purposes
  • The storage points
  • The external recipients of the data

Easily and quickly retrieves reports per category of personal data so that the way they are processed is transparent (eg bank & financial data)

Reports directly per employee to effectively control their privacy and access to storage.

Provides inventory of material in the library (Complaint Submission Form Submission Form, Event Log, Responses to Submission Rights Submissions, etc.)

Store the compliance material at each stage of testing.

Extracts evidence that the company complies with the regulation when it is requested by partners, customers,

 Maintains the historicity of controls to demonstrate compliance

Organizes the compliance material so that it is immediately accessible in case of control.

eComplianceGDPR demo version
Explore now the eComplianceGDPR application through its limited demo version. The license is provided for  limited time.

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