The application

The e-Compliance GDPR provides with the ability to record all the personal data processing actions and procedures, ensuring the identification of deviations from the Regulation, to plan the necessary compliance actions and to assess the effectiveness of the compliance evaluation. 
e-Compliance GDPR operates at organization or enterprise level, covering also the activities of all its field or branch offices.
e-Compliance GDPR runs on Internet environment without requiring the utilization of special infrastructure or equipment so that it can provide user access easily and from anywhere, without the need to use special hardware or software. 
e-Compliance GDPR is a reliable ¨partner¨ for the Compliance Consultant or the Data protection Officer (DPO) for the continuous monitoring of the organization or the enterprise.

A necessary tool for the compliance consultant

Application Features

The application supports and simplifies the compliance procedures of each organization or enterprise to the new regulation of the European Union for the Protection of Data of Personal Nature. 
The application analyzes the operational processing of the organization and records the purposes, rights, data transfer and security measures for the personal data that the organization manages.
Through simple questions, the application exports the Impact Evaluation of a Breach Event on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.
The application also exports the Total Risk Assessment, the compliance level of each processing to the new GDPR, while, finally, it checks if it is necessary to perform a Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA) on the processing.
Estimates the Possibility of Threats to personal data due to Technological Systems, Methods and Procedures, Human Implications and Activity Scale.
The application exports a series of comprehensive reports on the processing that is recorded, together with its dataflow diagrams (before and after the compliance), the organizational and technical measures that must be adopted by the organization based on the total risk assessment and, at the end, it exports a series of Policy samples that must be introduced to each organization / enterprise.
The application is configured according to the organization’s data (divisions, third parties, archiving sites, collection means, subject types, etc) .
The application provides the ability to create multiple users, with different role per user. The three type of users have the following features: full administration, read permissions only, view only the results of the analysis and reports.
The application comes with bilingual option, English and Greek.

e-Compliance GDPR features


Facile recording and analysis

of all the personal data processing.

Export of Dataflow Diagrams

of the personal data

Export of the Record of Processing Activities,

according to article 30 of the regulation

Export of Reports on the level of compliance

for each and total personal data processing (GAP ANALYSIS)

Automatic RISK ASSESSMENT for the processing security

in total and for each personal data processing

Export of suggested Organizational and Technical Measures

suitable for the security of the processing depending on the risk level.

Automatic estimate


Library with samples of compliance

means (e.g. Policies, Operational Procedures, Consent Clauses, Security Plans, Disaster Continuity Plans, Personal Data Breach Reports).

Ability to archive / incorporate the compliance data

of the organization / enterprise in order to have then easily accessible for accountability purposes.

Ability to locate a person's personal data in an easy and quick way

in the event of a request for modification, deletion or to be forgotten.

Major e-Compliance GDPR advantage

is the ability to modify / update the personal data processing procedures. e-Compliance GDPR keeps a record of each stage of data import or compliance evaluation and provides the ability to compare the compliance degree of each stage.