E-ComplianceGDPR Features
Works in an Internet environment without requiring the installation of specific infrastructures or equipment to allow easy access to the user from anywhere without the use of specialized infrastructure or programs.
Customized based on business/organization data (segments, partners, third parties, file storage locations, collection media, subject categories, etc.)
Has the capability to create unlimited personal data processing processes (eg Sale of products, Product promotion (Marketing), Recruitment of staff, etc.).
The application is available in 2 languages, Greek and English.

EComplianceGDPR provides the ability to create multiple users with different roles.

A full-access user with the ability to import, modify and delete the contents of the application, and define Component Components.

Users with full rights may be:

  • the Compliance Advisor
  • the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • the Compliance Officer
A read-only user with the purpose of overseeing and updating the compliance of the business / organization.

Read-only users can be:

  • members of the management of the business / organization
  • the managers of the departments of the business / organization
Simple User with access to Compliance Components (without the ability to change data) to keep it up to date and to easily implement compliance.

Simple users can be:

  • all employees of the business / organization.
eComplianceGDPR demo version
Explore now the eComplianceGDPR application through its limited demo version. The license is provided for a limited time.

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